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julkort 2018 av Marica Ohlsson

Season greetings By Marco – Julhälsningar till tecknarna!

Hi Marica,

I read with great pleasure that sketch drawing with live model are growing up fast and well.

If I understood correctly from Swedish every session has a tutor now and most important there are at least 3 venues (Falun, Rattvik and Smedjabacken) where drawing.

It’s some years I can’t come to Falun, but it’s nice to hear such good news.

By the way I take the chance of these couple of lines to wish you and all the members of our group happy holidays,

Marica tillägger: Jag lade till ett julkort till Marcos hälsning.
(Enklast att ge mig själv tillstånd att lägga upp eget material om någon tycker att det är alldeles för mycket av mina krokier och bilder på sajten.)


Ett svar till ”Season greetings By Marco – Julhälsningar till tecknarna!”

  1. Profilbild för M, Tecknare
    M, Tecknare

    Merry Christmas Marco!
    You are right, it looks like an expansion. We are giving it a try. And as you noticed, we have introduced ”croquis hosts”. They acts as hosts during the sessions, not tutors though. Everyone is their own teacher. It is of course possible to learn from the other sketchers gathered at the session, study how they attack the paper and from reflections and comments that are made.

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